Dealing with PCOS: Part I – The dreaded diagnosis

No periods for 6 months. No spotting, no cramps, nothing.




At 17, this is what landed me at the gynecologist’s office. You may ask why I waited for 6 months. Part of it was embarrassment to discuss it with my mum and dad. The other part was that, since I’d gotten my first period at 10 (!) I had literally never had regular monthly cycles. It was normal for me to get a period only once every 2-3 months.

The doctor checked my weight. I was 5″2 and 65kg (143 lbs). She asked about my period, how long it lasts, whether it was painful, how many pads I changed in a day.She pointed out the excess hair growth on my face, especially on my chin (I still get a stubble like a teenage boy if  I don’t do something about it for a week or two)

She said it looks like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and ordered an ultrasound scan. Sure enough, there they were. Multiple small cysts in both my ovaries.

I remember feeling scared, and worried. I had no idea what this was, I’d never heard of it. The doctor told me that things will get better once I lose some weight. She advised me to eat a more balanced, nutritious diet. I was put on oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) to induce periods for 3 months. Her idea was that, by that time, I’d lose some weight and things would get back on track.

Now, I never thought about doing a lot of research on PCOS at that time. In my head, the OCPs were the medicine for my PCOS and that was that. I really had no clue how complex this beast of a hormonal disorder really is.

To be continued

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  1. That must have been scary when you were so young. I’m not sure if

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    1. Sorry I accidentally posted that before finishing!! I don’t know if people can experience it with different severity but I had vaguely heard of it and not really thought much of it but I then saw some articles shared by a Facebook friend with PCOS and realised how difficult and complicated it can be. Well done for writing about it! Ellen

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      1. It does differ a lot in severity, it can be truly frustrating. I want to write more on it in future posts.. thank you for the encouragement, means a lot!

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  2. Ananya Dash says:

    Your article is amazing. It feels great to know that I am not the only one suffering. What do you do to keep the facial hair at bay? I have lots of it and threading doesn’t help me much. I was diagnosed when I was 12. I am fighting with it for past 7 years.

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    1. Hi Ananya.. I’m so glad that you have found some solace in my experience. This is the story of many of us with PCOS. Facial hair, I thread very often, earlier at your age I used to do it as often as once or twice a week. Now, it has somewhat settled down, I use a tweezer at home to remove the excess in between threading sessions. I go for threading maybe once in two weeks or once a month (I look like a bear then, trust me :p). Laser is an option you may want to explore, if its getting very difficult. You can visit a dermatologist, they will guide you. PCOS is a lifelong struggle, but try not to let it get the better of you. What other symptoms do you have? If you want to email me, you can do so any time at, I’d be happy to discuss 🙂 Take care.

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      1. Ananya Dash says:

        Thank you so much. Yeah. I think I should avail the laser option, I feel so done with threading. Your kind words mean a lot. Thanks for encouraging me. Yeah, it requires life long maintainance( sighs) you see I am so lazy! :p Thanks for giving your time to answer my queries, they mean a lot

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      2. You are always welcome.. I would love to be at your service any time you want to talk 🙂

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      3. Threading is definitely a pain but I guess its the most economical and easily available option here 😡

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      4. Ananya Dash says:

        Yeah! It’s economical.

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  3. Ananya Dash says:

    I am so sorry,if my previous comment sounds rude, but I wanted to say that I feel so good to know that I am not alone and that there are people to listen to me! My family always supports me a lot and has done a lot for me. I feel so blessed. And then there are people like you who share about it and your struggles, how brave of you!

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    1. Not at all rude Ananya, no way! I’m glad you have your family’s support.. you will overcome this in due time ❤ Thank you for your kind words. They really mean a lot to me.

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