11 things I learned during my pregnancy


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1. Anxiety may over ride happiness:

When you get your positive pregnancy test, the overwhelming feeling maybe one of anxiety and not happiness.  My husband was very happy, but I could just about muster up a smile. I was scared out of my mind that I would lose the baby and I really couldn’t enjoy those two beautiful pink lines. Looking back, I wish I had celebrated a bit more and not been so morose.

2. Bleeding may not always mean bad news:

Bleeding or spotting is very common in early pregnancy and could be completely harmless. I was terrified when I had spotting during the first trimester and put myself on strict bed rest.

Bleeding at around 4 weeks of pregnancy could be due to the implantation of the fertilised egg into the uterine wall, known as implantation bleeding.

Up to 25-40% of women may experience bleeding in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy due to various reasons like hormonal changes, sexual intercourse, internal/vaginal ultrasound, internal examination by your doctor or midwife or infections. Most of these pregnancies proceed in a healthy manner thereafter.

3. The miracle of life:

It is extraordinary to watch your baby grow from one ultrasound to the next. My husband and I were in awe, watching our baby grow from a minuscule dot on a black and white screen, to a jumpy little bean with tiny arms and legs, to finally a good old baby with distinguishable features. One of the coolest things I have ever seen is my son “practise breathing” during my last ultrasound at 38 weeks.

4. Morning sickness? Maybe not:

You may not always get morning sickness. I never vomited even once in my 39 weeks of pregnancy. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I remember feeling nauseous a couple of times, but never to the extent that I had to throw up.

5. Fatigue:

The level of tiredness you feel is unreal. I was not working during my pregnancy nor doing any hard work at home, but I still used to feel completely exhausted, especially in the early days of pregnancy.  Sleep was my favourite hobby.

6. Craving for nothing:

You may not have any particular food cravings. I didn’t have a lot of food cravings, nor did I have a lot of appetite during my whole pregnancy. Eating was sometimes a chore and I didn’t enjoy it much, even though I was not nauseous. Weird.

7. Where’s my bump? 

You may not look pregnant till you are well into your third trimester, especially if its your first pregnancy. I didn’t have much to show as a bump even at around 26 weeks, unless I wore really tight clothing (which I never did). However,I had put on more than the recommended weight by that time. Where it was all hiding, I’ll never know.

8. Mover shaker:

You will wait impatiently to feel the first movements of your baby and worry that you aren’t feeling it early enough. Then after a few weeks, you will feel the baby move all the time, kicking, rolling, turning and if you notice closely, you may even feel them hiccup!

9. Tests, tests, tests:

I had no idea I’d have to do so many tests during my pregnancy. They were always drawing my blood to check my blood counts, urine to test for infections, and blood pressure was monitored at every appointment. The one thing I always hated was weight checks because I was always overweight for that week.

10. Maybe I should sleep in the bathroom:

The first thing you will do whenever you go out anywhere is look for a bathroom. You will finish peeing, and get yourself back out of the bathroom and you will want to pee again. Peeing and pregnancy are inseparable friends.

11. Child birth is not in our hands:

Your labour and delivery may go nothing like you wanted and there’s not much you can do about it. Just focus on the fact that your baby is healthy and in your arms, and forget about the rest, because ultimately, that’s all that matters.

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