My first postpartum period. Also, I’m back!

Just like many women with PCOS, I have very low expectations from my periods. Fact is, I really haven’t had many natural menstrual cycles in my life.

So I was pleasantly surprised when Aunt Flow arrived on her own without coaxing her with medicines at nearly 11 months post partum. I didn’t even have any pads at home!

The flow was light as is normal for me, but I did feel cramps more than I usually do. It lasted altogether for about 4 days and that was that. A month and a half has passed since then and no sign of another period. But that’s not really a shock.

I have been away from this blog for so long that I have been missing it. My laptop crashed, we had some medical emergencies and had to move. Life has been busy. Also, my little boy is almost one year old, which is absolutely crazy!

I hope to be more consistent with posting henceforth and hopefully there are still people wanting to read. Looking forward to your feedback and reading some of your posts and updates too.

Till next time!

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