Surprise surprise..

Does PCOS improve after a pregnancy and delivery?

From what I had heard and read.. no, not really.

But I got my second post partum period after 43 days. This is really good given my menstrual history and I am pleasantly surprised. People who get regular visits from Aunt Flow must think I’m crazy to be happy about getting periods. Let’s just say when your body fails you many times, you learn to appreciate when it acts normal once in awhile.

I have been even thinking about charting again to see what my body is doing. If only I could find my proper BBT thermometer.

One thing I have noticed being different from my periods before pregnancy is that I am now experiencing cramping much more than I used to. I suppose the periods would also explain my weird mood swings this past week and the strange post a few days ago.

Meanwhile, I am now officially the mother of a one year old and looking forward to what toddlerhood has to bring. My most ardent wish right now is that he sleep better. The exhaustion is real, guys.

Till next time 🙂

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