Hello, acne.

Acne was one of the PCOS symptoms I thought I lucked out with. My skin has been fairly clear over the years, probably thanks to hereditary dry skin.

However in the past few weeks, I have been getting a few stray pimples here and there. Currently I have one on my forehead, one on my brow and one on my chin. Definitely not a good look. Not to mention the coarse chin hair that’s pretty much some sort of misguided personal fashion statement. It’s only been a week since I threaded and the chin hair is all back already. Ugh.

It used to not be such a big deal before to go and thread every few weeks and manage some facial hair with tweezing. But now I just don’t have the time or opportunity and I’m considering more permanent options.

Have any of you got any suggestions on how to manage acne? Anyone with experience on laser hair treatment?

Till next time.

Featured image courtesy: http://www.skincareorg.com

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