Have you kept your resolutions so far?

It is already day 16 of January 2018. Wow, time really does fly.

I’m a little bit disappointed with myself as I write this. I haven’t kept my new year’s resolutions for this year so far.

What were they?

Well, for one, I had resolved to start taking better care of myself. Take my vitamins, eat well, rest properly. I haven’t done any of those so far. I’ve just been carrying on as I usually do, without even combing my hair the whole day.

As a stay-at-home of a toddler at home, it isn’t easy to find some time for yourself. Now that his sleep patterns are a bit more predictable, that is not entirely true. I do get some time for myself. It’s just that I don’t use it to take care of myself.

What I’ve been doing in my free time is exploring my writing. No, it hasn’t been on this blog (oops, sorry). But I’ve been playing with it, kind of letting it roll around in the palm of my hand, getting a feel of it. Sound mysterious? That was the intention!

In other news, my little big guy has started walking a bit. He’s still finding his way, and he falls a lot of times, but he picks himself up and tries again every single time. There’s a lot we can learn from the resilience and determination of children. No one is motivating him to achieve his milestones, it’s just an inbuilt reflex. If only we could retain these qualities in our own life as we get older too…

This has been an odd little rant. Befitting for the new year, perhaps?

Happy 2018 to all of you (albeit 16 days late). May this new year bring the positive change to your life that you’ve been wishing for !

Till next time.

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