Products I use to Cope with PCOS Symptoms

Awesome comprehensive list for every woman and any woman suffering from PCOS!

The Cyster Story

I’ve mentioned about a million times since I started The Cyster Story, that PCOS and its quirks are no joke. It pretty much raises hell on every aspect of your being, and certainly not in a good way.

My symptoms have always made me pretty self-conscious. Every time I notice my side burns coming in, witness a chin hair, or get a glimpse of my shimmering mustache in just the right light, I wonder why the hell I was so blessed to be diagnosed with a hormone disorder. I shouldn’t be able to grow more peach fuzz than a 14-year-old boy. Just sayin’. It can completely make you question your femininity and just make you feel down right bad about yourself. I tend to get uneasy during simple socializing such as having a close conversation or being in super bright light, say, in the car on a sunny day. It…

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